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New KA+ Active Crossover 

Take advantage of SUV style roof rails, raised ride height and rugged grille with the New Ford KA+ Active Crossover.

Whether you’re running around town or cruising the motorway, the new KA+ is always responsive and fun to drive. Inside, it’s full of clever technologies that make life easier and can even help cut the cost of driving. For example, Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter can save you fuel by keeping your KA+ within a pre-set speed limit.

These are some of the fantastic features on the KA+ Active Crossover;

  • Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance
  • Headlights that turn on automatically when needed
  • Less tiring, more economical journeys
  • Sensors that take the stress out of parking
  • Extra control during hill starts
  • Power-assisted steering that responds to every situation

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